Back from the Offline Void...

...Yet another of those pauses in keeping up-to-date with my LiveJournal..
Since I'm deciding to take a break from my posting at my Star Trek message board [3525 posts I have there], I'll be having more time to post here. =)

First off, I had another dream where I was Doctor Who [some half-British, half-alien time-traveller whose time-machine can routinely breakdown or malfunction..] in a sort of Wellsian/Victorian attire.
One of the main settings was the 19th century where I met an old man who rambles on a bit about the year 2005.. Then when I tell him he's violating the generally-accepted protocol for time-travellers, he accuses me of being a spy.
And after I accidentally show him satellite-acquired video of the planets on the outer-rim of our solar-system, when I return to the year 2005, I find the Earth and the Sun no longer in their usual positions.
Instead, I find this peculiar-looking collection of at least a dozen Earths being connecting by metallic-looking bridges.. Some of these Earths being the shape of cubes.

There was also this thing about being stranded in the 17th century, but it seemed they were filming an episode of Masterpiece Theatre which struck me as being a bit odd. But I've seen stranger things.

Mmm, today is also my little brother's birthday. I'm unsure as to what we're going do concerning that as of yet, but I guess I may get him a DimGrey towel or maybe the game of Risk. Been a long time since I've played a board-game offline, but I don't get many chances to find a good adversary to play against.

Been reading a book concerning creative writing by Ray Bradbury and another on short-stories by Phillip K. Dick, although the former is now overdue at the library... Last late fee I got was over twenty-dollars. Both books are good though. (=

And I haven't been feeling as doubleplusgood, since I've been coughing alot thus attaining a manner kin to that of General Grievous.. And I already take on a mantis-like posture, like Zorak from Space Ghost

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Heh, sorry for being overdue for this tag...
I'll post it on my blog and here, but I'll think about who I should tag in a bit later..

1. Total number of books I've owned:
Way over 747..

2. Last book(s) I bought:
The Science of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy” and “The Salmon of Doubt

3. Last book I read:
The Best of Phillip K. Dick

4. Five books that mean a lot to me:

the increasingly inaccurately named Hitchhiker trilogy [that's actually five books..]
Nineteen Eighty-Four
Alice in Wonderland
The Hobbit
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
And a whole Belgium-load of pulp-fiction short-stories...

5. Tag six people to fill this out...

Towel Day 2005

Sorry for the inconvenience... One of my voids in updating my LiveJournal once again. =(
..And I'm pretty tired for the moment

Towel Day :: A tribute to Douglas Adams (1952-2001)

The main thing I'd like to say is that Towel Day is this Wednesday, which is a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy tradition if you had not recognised it from its name. Thumbs
Here's the HTML code to post the banner onto your own site or &c...

I have seen both the new “Star Wars Episode III” and “The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy”, which both I thought were fantastic [saw the latter three times so far..]
And I've listened to the 1938 broadcast of War of the Worlds, which is pretty great upon the first listening until they point out its just a radio show..

I am now a member at MySpace for those interested.
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From “George Noory Coast to Coast A.M.”

'Winged Demon'

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We were walking on one of the trails in the Hoh Rainforest in
Washington state
and came around a bend and saw a beautiful burl on the remains of a
very large tree. As we moved to a different angle we saw the whole
figure. Very beautiful, and very eerie!


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Monday moved along well-enough, although someone did point out it seemed more Tuesday-ish than usual..
But Yesterday was Monday.

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10 days till “h2g2” debuts on Arbor Day, so I'm still continuing my mission to promote D.N.A. [ Douglas Adams ] and his works amid the offliners and stargs amid my high school.

I don't think my influence is too terribly great, but I think I got a handful of people interested. That, and convinced a few of them that towels are exceedingly help.
Though, I don't think any of them yet knows the true meaning of....

Given that I have $90.21 to spend on my quest [and myself], I'm planning to buy a couple paperbacks for distribution and also purchase the compact discs of the classic 1978 radio series [if I can find them at either Borders or Barnes and Noble or via fair means or foul... I have the whole show currently on tape, but that format seems passé in the face of this modern world where tape players seem to be as scarce as sand is “Waterworld”.]

Besides that, it seems imperative that I shouldn't twilight zone out during Chemistry class, seeing that I'm not performing as well as I should therein despite my predilection for science [or sci-fi].

There's also a plusmany amount of math papers that I'll need to turn in later today, so I'll get those finished and over with..

SIDENOTE: Heh, Shatner's on Conan tonight.
Quote of the Day [credit be given unto spaced00d]...

“In a world without fences and walls, who needs Gates and Windows?”— [Unknown.]
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17.4.05 C.E.

Sunday morning, and twelve days till the arrival of the filmic-version of “h2g2*.
For those interested, I came across this Box Office Analysis on how well “h2g2” may fare on its debut to the big screen on Arbor Day.

Simply eating cheese as I type this down, even though I still need my room cleaned...
Interesting thing, besides it being yet another Simpsons reference, is that I sold my lethargy to my little brother for the price of 75¢.
Since then, I feel a great deal different, with the uncertainty of whether or not I had made such a wise course of action seeing that Wally uses his slothfulness towards his advantage.

Not a great deal has happened hitherto my writing and this day has yet to fully finish itself, so I'll embark upon another review on the preceding days now submerged in the shallow depths of the past...

Latest Dream...
First off, I'll write about the most recent dream I can recollect.
I managed to excavate this ancient remnant of a castle whose entire foundation now lies beneath countless layers of sand, &c. Along with that, I also found this peculiar-looking sort of orb that either hung above the castle [mostly buried] or lay partially beneath the horizon [or maybe it changed in correlation with the sunset and sunrise..].
A large one at that, seeming to look as if it were assembled out of threads of coral and bears a striking similarity to either Enterprise's Xindi probe or something out of “Epoch”.
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After that, I uncovered plans for an alien invasion about to go underway, either possibly involving body-snatchers, Cthulhu, or their spawn.. Since I knew that their base of operations would be this monolithic hospital complex, I tried making a dash away from there, but I eventually returned when I developed an unusual craving to visit the first-level's book-shop.
And so there was where they had trapped me, and I couldn't remember the rest thereafter, besides some rock-climbing.

As for Saturday, it could have been spent in better ways, but I decided not to visit this book festival in Palm Springs due to my lack of knowledge concerning the authors who would be at their book-signings.

Two interesting [well, to me anyways] things that I did were watch this well-made movie [besides its camera resolution..] and this keen episode of Mystery!, hosted by Diana Rigg.

I got to see most of this 1997 comedy on IFC entitled “Dream with the Fishes”, which revolves around this suicidal stalker named Terry and his companion, Nick, a terminal heroin addict who wears a pirate's eye-patch since he has double-vision. The title is derived from the fact that Nick's past-life was that of a fish and will return to that manner in three to four weeks.

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You see, but you do not observe. The distinction is clear.

Mystery! delivered a plusgood episode that tells of how Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was given the inspiration to write Sherlock Holmes for The Strand (and eventually kill him off at in 1893).

...Friday the 15th/Days Prior To
Better than the week before, I guess.. My anticipation for “h2g2” still escalating, so I've channelled it into rereading Douglas Adams and giving free copies to comrades, up until Friday, where I decided to read the script for Blake's Seven's pilot episode: “The Way Back”.
It's doubleplusgood and written by the eminent Terry Nation (famed for putting Daleks into Doctor Who), the only problem is that I never got to see this fine television series since the reruns are never broadcasted here on the Southern end of California. =(

I also thought it would be cool, if I “Galacticaise” my notebook papers by cutting off their corners to give them a neat archaic look kin to what the new Battlestar Galactica is doing.

And the latest episode of Star Trek: Enterprise was pretty well-made, for it followed the good old TOS-formula for their story-writing. I guess it depends whether or not you like the green-skinned Orion women, but I love how Manny Coto returns to the TOS-style where in which all of the main characters are given significant lines of dialogue (i.e., “The Trouble with Tribbles”).
Friday's next episode should be worth the wait, since they'll be featuring the return to the Mirror Universe and TOS's U.S.S. Defiant in Star Trek's 700th episode.

Adenoid Hynkel.

Just got back from school quite awhile ago, and now I'm rewatching Charlie Chaplin's dictator comedy..
And so we begin my review of the days before...


Spent much of it with a rather terrible head-ache, which may have had some relation to the eldritch stomach-ache I had the following day..

During the latter half of that day, I found a mouse beneath my bed [along with my cat, Jim].
Due to my inability to think up a better name, I called thee mouse:
John Cleese
John Cleese.

Besides that, the new floor tile installments finished downloading and I used up a good portion of the day browsing through comics and webcomics.. [A personal favourite I discovered was Tom Sparks: The Atomic Detective, but I haven't really read the whole series yet although I like the concept since it fits my style.]


Slept through the first half, and spent the elder minutes of that segment listening to a marathon of songs emanating from the British Invasion era.
And then my stomach-ache occured, and that basically left the other half of that day with me complaining about it. Got a new pen however.

The day at school went along well enough, despite a few minor downsides which most days are not without.

Backpack broke again, which isn't uncommon... Due to the constant amount of books I carry within.
I generally fix it with a couple of staples, paper-clips, and electric tape [mostly bent paper-clips].

I printed out the Cthulhu Chick Tract, which intends to make fun of those infamous Jack T. Chick Christian comics and show why there are cults out there concerning Cthulhu...*
Personally, I thought it was pretty funny myself, just as my comrade did. Found the link via atheism.
* For Lovecraftians.

Since Ray Bradbury will be on the radio tonight**, I have been reading his 1952 short-story which concerns some 2055 time-travellers who go dinosaur hunting [authorised by the government, despite their intense animosity towards its ramifications], and the severe consequences when one of them accidentally squashes a bug...

For you Simpsons fans out there, remember the episode [ [2F03] Treehouse of Horror V ] where Homer manages to build a time-machine out of a toaster after getting his hand jammed into it.

I'll add in another entry concerning Bradbury's “The Sound of Thunder” once I get to its end, which is pretty nigh now..
That's about it for now, but I'll be back when the day is new.

Be seeing you. =)

** Ray Bradbury and Marc Scott Zicree will appear in the first hour of George Noory Coast to Coast AM.
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